How to secure a rental property

26th August 2020

How to secure a rental property in today’s market

The Perth Rental Market’s vacancy rate is at 1.6%…. the lowest it has been since March 2008! The vacancy rates are also seeing a decline in our regional areas such as Albany and Kalgoorlie which is now at 0.9%, this is 0.5% lower than Perth!

Here are some tips on how to secure a rental property in this current market:

  1. Collect an application form from the agent prior to the home open
  2. Ensure your application is fully completed. Include:
    • Cover letter
    • Pet cover letter
    • Photo ID – minimum 2 x forms of photo ID
    • Payslips – recommended 3 x payslips
    • Notify all referees that they will be contacted by a Real Estate Agent
    • Hand your completed application to the Real Estate Agent at the home open
  3. Read the advertisement from top to bottom. If you then have any questions, contact the agent
  4. Check and register for home open times – normally hidden at the bottom of the advert
  5. Show up on time and with good personal presentation
  6. Once secured the property, ensure you pay your lease, bond and any monies are completed and paid within 48 hours
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